About Us

Columbia Catering Adelaide was within the business in Australia in 1987. I’m from a 3rd generation restaurant family. In over 29 yrs in business, we’ve catered to high ranking officials and planned over 1100 weddings and up of 1900 events.

We specialised in Weddings and Formal Events

Wedding ceremonies and formal events should be remembered for a lifetime.

We recommend a staffing ratio of 8-10 visitors per server. This allows us to concentrate on mastering every detail of the experience: We artfully get ready your dishes, provide attentive personal service, and maintain the area immaculately clean throughout the event.

Regarding an exceptional culinary encounter, ingredients should be top quality. We buy from local farmers and use natural ingredients wherever possible. About current events, we might have specific tips for components, for example, high-grade Ahi, giant prawns, or premium local free range meat.

Variety is a key factor in ensuring your entire visitors enjoy themselves. For any wedding with 150 guests, we will commonly set up four food stations, around six protein choices, and 9-12 additional options, with aspect dishes, salads and condiments.

For official events, all of us use only high-quality glasses; the plate was and stainless tableware.

Naturally, everything is created custom to fit your individual tastes.